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 Anvil C8R Pisces wurde hinzugefügt.ETC 2022-11-25Building, implementing, and balancing Anvil Aerospace's ambulance, the C8R Pisces, as a game-ready vehicle. Aopoa San'tok.yāi wurde hinzugefügt.ETC 2023-06-24Building, balancing, and implementing Aopoa's medium fighter, the San'tok.yāi, into the game. Drake Cutter wurde hinzugefügt.ETC 2022-11-11Building, implementing, and balancing Drake Interplanetary's starter ship, the Cutter, as a game-ready vehicle. Chapter 08 postponed:ETC 2022-11-18 -> 2022-12-08 (+3 weeks)Designing, implementing, and iterating on chapter 8 of Squadron 42's single-player campaign.  Chapter 10 postponed:ETC 2022-10-27 -> 2022-12-08 (+1 months)Designing, implementing, and iterating on chapter 10 of Squadron 42's single-player campaign.  Chapter 11 postponed:ETC 2022-12-16 -> 2022-12-31 (+2 weeks)Designing, implementing, and iterating on chapter 11 of Squadron 42's single-player campaign.  Chapter 16 postponed:ETC 2022-12-02 -> 2022-12-31 (+4 weeks)Designing, implementing, and iterating on chapter 16 of Squadron 42's single-player campaign.  Chapter 24 postponed:ETC 2021-09-30 -> 2022-12-31 (+1 years)Designing, implementing, and iterating on chapter 24 of Squadron 42's single-player campaign.  Chapter 26 postponed:ETC 2022-12-16 -> 2022-12-31 (+2 weeks)Designing, implementing, and iterating on chapter 26 of Squadron 42's single-player campaign.

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 Aopoa San'tok.yāi wurde hinzugefügt.ETC 2023-06-24Building, balancing, and implementing Aopoa's medium fighter, the San'tok.yāi, into the game. Crusader Spirit wurde hinzugefügt.ETC 2023-06-16Building, balancing, and implementing Crusader Industries' small multi-crew ship, the Spirit, into the game. Time Trial Race Missions wurde hinzugefügt.ETC 2023-03-02Time Trial Race Missions are being added throughout the Stanton System. Players will be able to test their skills versus set times, earning rewards based on performance and even unlocking more tracks as they progress. Unannounced wurde hinzugefügt.ETC 2023-05-19Unannounced Vehicle Bounty Hunter V2 postponed:ETC 2023-05-23 -> 2023-03-29 (-2 months)Enabling players to track criminals via a mobiGlas security app linked to distress beacons, comm arrays, air traffic control systems, cameras, and NPC informants. This will rely on various new backend tech, including Virtual AI, the NPC Scheduler, and Security Service. Building Interiors postponed:ETC 2023-03-29 -> 2023-06-30 (+3 months)Create gameplay focused layouts to fill the interiors of the various buildings in landing zones. Cargo System Refactor postponed:ETC 2022-11-18 -> 2022-12-07 (+3 weeks)Refactor to allow both found and purchased cargo to be picked up, moved around, and placed into the cargo grid of a ship. Dynamic Events postponed:ETC 2023-03-29 -> 2023-06-30 (+3 months)Continued work on backend tech to support the development of Dynamic Events in Star Citizen's ever expanding universe. Environmental Space Missions postponed:ETC 2022-12-07 -> 2022-09-15 (-3 months)Implementation of new missions and scenarios that the player will encounter as they wander around an area of space. The missions that appear will be based on the Probability Volumes that the player is currently in. Freight Elevators postponed:ETC 2023-05-23 -> 2023-03-10 (-2 months)Implementation of systems and content for players to physically load and unload cargo to and from their ships by conveying cargo to and from hangars, landing pads, garages, and docking collars. Lockable Containers postponed:ETC 2022-06-22 -> 2023-03-29 (+9 months)Lockable Containers will add the ability for designers to lock entities with either physical or electronic locks, which can be opened with a key or forced open via cutting, destroying, or hacking the lock. New Interdiction Scenarios postponed:ETC 2023-02-15 -> 2023-06-30 (+4 months)Adding new variations and difficulty levels of interdiction scenarios that players will come across while quantum traveling.  New Player Experience postponed:ETC 2022-12-31 -> 2023-03-10 (+2 months)An initiative for improving the initial (first 30 minutes) gameplay experience, which will help players understand the context of the world and introduce them to some of Star Citizen's basic features. This will include updates to landing zones, spaceports, habs, shops, and more. Persistent Hangars postponed:ETC 2022-08-26 -> 2023-05-23 (+9 months)Work that grants players the ability to have their own Persistent Hangars. This will also bring changes to the Cargo gameplay loop by allowing players to pack their grids manually.  Persistent Streaming and Server Meshing postponed:ETC 2023-05-09 -> 2023-06-30 (+2 months)Proprietary Server Meshing and Persistence Technology will allow Star Citizen to scale up it's shared universe across game servers. Eventually this technology will allow thousands of players to co-exist in the verse. Once the first version of this is implemented the number of servers and players will increase over successive versions. Player Interaction Experience T0 - Hints & Interactions postponed:ETC 2022-11-10 -> 2023-03-10 (+4 months)The Player Interaction Experience (PIE) is a holistic array of complimentary features and systems, all related directly to the player. Player status, item status, environment status, as well as interactions with both the game world and the objects within it, are covered under these systems. Pyro System, Planet, and Mission Setup postponed:ETC 2023-05-23 -> 2023-03-29 (-2 months)Completing the initial foundational work needed to implement the Pyro System into the game. Seated Item Handling postponed:ETC 2023-06-30 -> 2023-05-15 (-2 months)This feature will add the ability for players and NPCs to use items or smaller weapons while seated in a passenger seat of a vehicle or ship. Security Network V1 postponed:ETC 2021-06-28 -> 2023-06-30 (+2 years)Full implementation of the security system. Includes other features for which players may need a clearance level, such as doors and elevators. Security Post Kareah Reactivation postponed:ETC 2022-09-23 -> 2022-11-09 (+2 months)Security Post Kareah will be taking a more central role in Stanton's security. Crusader Security have moved in a full-time staff and have begun storing confiscated contraband aboard. The station will be off limits to all civilians, unless given prior authorization. Unannounced postponed:ETC 2023-01-27 -> 2023-04-28 (+3 months)Unannounced Vehicle Unannounced postponed:ETC 2023-02-17 -> 2023-05-19 (+3 months)Unannounced Vehicle

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