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 AI - Arcade Machine postponed:ETC 2022-03-17 -> 2022-06-10 (+3 months)AI behavior where the AI will play multiple rounds on an arcade machine, with varied emotional results depending on if they win or lose. AI - Landing Improvements postponed:ETC 2022-02-17 -> 2022-05-13 (+3 months)This enables AI ships to land and deliver reinforcements on non-structured ground areas like planetary terrain where a pre-defined landing area and assistance from Air Traffic Control is not available. AI - Navigation Links - Ladders/Ledge Grab postponed:ETC 2022-02-17 -> 2022-05-27 (+3 months)Implementing special adapters to allow the navigation system to be informed of potential navmesh connections offered by ladders or ledge grab markup. The navigation links already allowed the creation of adapters that contain gamecode specific functionality to function as sort of translators between system-specific domain into the navigation system. AI - Planetary Navigation postponed:ETC 2022-01-20 -> 2022-04-29 (+3 months)First pass at a system that allows NPCs to move on planetary surfaces using a dynamically generated navigation mesh. This will efficiently process planetary terrain and objects to prioritize the processing of the environment around the players into navmesh, allowing us to use all the existing functionalities on planets. AI - Untrained Combat postponed:ETC 2022-03-17 -> 2022-06-10 (+3 months)First iteration for untrained characters (such as civilians) to react in battle scenarios. Civilian AI will be able to use weapons to defend themselves in threatening situations, and will try to preserve their lives using cover or surrendering when necessary. AI - Usable System V2 postponed:ETC 2022-03-03 -> 2022-06-10 (+3 months)Improving the implementation of the existing usable system to optimize the memory usage, and improve the performance when querying usable data at runtime.  Cargo System Refactor postponed:ETC 2022-06-03 -> 2022-08-12 (+2 months)Refactor to allow both found and purchased cargo to be picked up, moved around, and placed into the cargo grid of a ship. Chapter 06 postponed:ETC 2022-05-20 -> 2022-07-01 (+1 months)Designing, implementing, and iterating on chapter 6 of Squadron 42's single-player campaign.  Chapter 10 postponed:ETC 2022-05-20 -> 2022-07-01 (+1 months)Designing, implementing, and iterating on chapter 10 of Squadron 42's single-player campaign.  Chapter 13 postponed:ETC 2022-06-03 -> 2022-07-01 (+4 weeks)Designing, implementing, and iterating on chapter 13 of Squadron 42's single-player campaign.  Character Creator postponed:ETC 2022-02-16 -> 2022-05-06 (+3 months)Developing the player character creator for the Squadron 42 single player campaign. Civilian NPC Movement Improvements postponed:ETC 2022-03-03 -> 2022-05-13 (+2 months)Various improvements to the animation and behavior of civilian NPCs to make them feel less stiff and robotic, allowing them to move in a more natural way. This will also be improving the appearance of their awareness of the surrounding environment and other NPCs in their vicinity. Commodity Kiosk postponed:ETC 2022-06-03 -> 2022-08-26 (+3 months)Converting the commodity kiosks to utilize Building Blocks. This will also add loading timers, which will need to be factored-in when planning cargo runs. Fire Extinguisher postponed:ETC 2022-03-18 -> 2022-05-13 (+2 months)All tasks required to implement functioning fire extinguishers in-game. This feature will work alongside the fire hazard system. FPS Radar / Scanning postponed:ETC 2022-06-24 -> 2022-07-08 (+2 weeks)Improved signature system, supporting much greater distances, and dampening of signatures by environmental interference and larger signatures. Improved Scanning, driven by the same signature system as the Radar and Ping, available in Ships, ground vehicles, and FPS Long Term Persistence Enhancements postponed:ETC 2022-03-29 -> 2022-07-01 (+3 months)Changes to Long Term Persistence that support the new inventory and shard database. LTP functionality will stay the same, but the system will read/write the data from the new entity graph database. Player Interaction Experience T0 - Hints & Interactions postponed:ETC 2022-07-08 -> 2022-08-18 (+1 months)The Player Interaction Experience (PIE) is a holistic array of complimentary features and systems, all related directly to the player. Player status, item status, environment status, as well as interactions with both the game world and the objects within it, are covered under these systems. Security Behavior postponed:ETC 2022-02-03 -> 2022-04-29 (+3 months)Encompasses all tasks for NPC Security Officer behavior in the persistent universe and Squadron 42. Subsumption Editor Integration postponed:ETC 2022-03-17 -> 2022-06-10 (+3 months)Recreating the Subsumption editor's functionality inside the engine, to allow easier setup and debugging subsumption logic for the designers. Theaters of War - Miscellaneous Support postponed:ETC 2022-04-01 -> 2022-07-01 (+3 months)Ongoing art, design, and engineering tasks to support the Theaters of War game mode. Vending Machine Utilization T0 postponed:ETC 2022-02-17 -> 2022-05-13 (+3 months)Enables AI characters to use vending machines to purchase food and drink.

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 Anvil Legionnaire postponed:ETC 2022-04-29 -> 2022-12-16 (+8 months)Building, implementing, and balancing Anvil Aerospace's dedicated boarding ship, the Legionnaire, as a game-ready vehicle. AR and Map Marker System Rework wurde hinzugefügt.ETC 2022-06-25Rework of AR and map marker systems to work with Building Blocks. Argo SRV postponed:ETC 2022-09-16 -> 2022-12-16 (+3 months)Building, implementing, and balancing Argo's tugboat, the SRV, as a game-ready vehicle. Docking - Ship to Ship postponed:ETC 2021-04-02 -> 2022-12-09 (+2 years)All tasks related to the feature that allow smaller ships to dock in larger ships while in space. Doors/Airlocks/Light Panels UI wurde hinzugefügt.ETC 2022-05-20Creating new User Interfaces for door panels, airlocks and light panels using Building Blocks. FPS Radar / Scanning postponed:ETC 2022-05-13 -> 2022-06-24 (+1 months)Improved signature system, supporting much greater distances, and dampening of signatures by environmental interference and larger signatures. Improved Scanning, driven by the same signature system as the Radar and Ping, available in Ships, ground vehicles, and FPS Greycat Industrial Cydnus Mining Droid postponed:ETC 2022-03-29 -> 2022-04-15 (+2 weeks)Building, implementing, and balancing Greycat's mining platform, the Cydnus, as a game-ready vehicle. Jump Points postponed:ETC 2022-12-23 -> 2022-09-15 (-3 months)Building out the functionality, visual, and audio effects for the jump points used to travel between systems, and setting them up in-game. Including necessary vehicle items and functionality, the jump points themselves, and their inner tunnels. Map and Radar System Rework postponed:ETC 2022-02-11 -> 2022-07-08 (+5 months)An overhaul of the underlying system and associated UI for the Starmap, radar, local area map, and minimap. MFD Rework postponed:ETC 2022-12-23 -> 2022-12-09 (-2 weeks)We will both rebuild ship MFDs with our new Building Blocks UI technology, as well as completely redesign them in an effort to make them more customizable, better matched to ship aesthetics, and better at serving ship gameplay. MISC Hull C postponed:ETC 2022-06-03 -> 2022-06-17 (+2 weeks)Encompasses all tasks, including design, art, audio, and tech, required for the implementation of the MISC Hull-C heavy cargo hauler into the PU. mobiGlas Rework wurde hinzugefügt.ETC 2022-07-08Reworking the mobiGlas system to use Building Blocks, which will also allow for easier development of mobiGlas apps. Origin X1 postponed:ETC 2022-07-22 -> 2022-03-25 (-4 months)Building, implementing, and balancing Origin's hover bike, the X1, as a flight-ready vehicle. RSI Scorpius postponed:ETC 2022-05-13 -> 2022-06-24 (+1 months)Building, implementing, and balancing RSI's heavy fighter, the Scorpius, as a flight-ready vehicle. Ship CPU postponed:ETC 2022-12-23 -> 2022-12-09 (-2 weeks)Designing and implementing computer blades for ships. Includes various blades that can be used to modify or improve certain aspects of a ship's functionality, such as unlocking more complex targeting abilities.  Space Mines postponed:ETC 2022-09-29 -> 2022-07-08 (-3 months)In space, players in certain ships will gain the ability to release different types of space mines in a coordinated fashion, in an attempt to trap, damage and capture enemies, or set up defensive perimeters. Theaters of War - Miscellaneous Support postponed:ETC 2022-07-01 -> 2022-04-01 (-3 months)Ongoing art, design, and engineering tasks to support the Theaters of War game mode. Turret Usability Improvements postponed:ETC 2022-09-29 -> 2022-05-27 (-4 months)Further improvements to turret gameplay, including giving gunners more flexibility and support when using additional weaponry. Unannounced postponed:ETC 2022-06-03 -> 2022-06-17 (+2 weeks)Unannounced Vehicle Unannounced postponed:ETC 2022-06-03 -> 2022-06-17 (+2 weeks)Unannounced Vehicle Unannounced postponed:ETC 2022-12-16 -> 2022-02-04 (-11 months)Unannounced Vehicle Unannounced postponed:ETC 2022-10-14 -> 2022-12-16 (+2 months)Unannounced Vehicle Unannounced postponed:ETC 2022-06-17 -> 2022-09-16 (+3 months)Unannounced Vehicle Unannounced postponed:ETC 2022-06-10 -> 2022-06-17 (+7 days)Unannounced Vehicle Unannounced postponed:ETC 2022-08-18 -> 2022-11-18 (+3 months)Unannounced Vehicle Visor/Lens Rework wurde hinzugefügt.ETC 2022-06-25Converting the Visor and Lens systems to Building Blocks for improved performance and flexibility. Zero G Push & Pull postponed:ETC 2022-07-22 -> 2022-07-08 (-2 weeks)Adding the ability for the player to traverse surfaces in zero-g by pushing and pulling with their hands. This will come into play when the player is wearing an EVA suit without thrusters, or if thrusters are turned off.

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