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Derelict Spaceships - Points of Interest

Points of interest that will be scattered on planets. They will be derelict spaceships with some type of activity (puzzle, traversal, hostile AI) and some type of reward for resolving said activity.Moved on 2023-11-16ETC 2023-05-25Moved on 2023-11-03ETC 2023-02-27Moved on 2023-06-15ETC 2023-05-25Moved on 2023-06-02ETC 2022-12-23Moved on 2023-04-20ETC 2023-05-25Moved on 2023-03-10ETC 2023-02-27Moved on 2022-10-27ETC 2022-12-23Moved on 2022-02-19ETC 2022-12-08Added on 2022-02-05ETC 2022-09-15
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