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FPS Devices T1

While throwable and consumable devices already exist within Star Citizen as grenades and MedPens, further work on this system will enable us to more easily create new items with different effects when used. This includes the development of deployable devices, or items that can be carried around as part of a player loadout, equipped and deployed onto a surface.Moved on 2023-11-16ETC 2023-04-27Moved on 2023-11-04ETC 2023-04-09Moved on 2023-06-15ETC 2023-04-27Moved on 2023-06-02ETC 2022-09-30Moved on 2023-04-20ETC 2023-04-27Moved on 2023-02-23ETC 2023-03-02Moved on 2022-07-07ETC 2022-09-30Added on 2022-02-05ETC 2022-07-08
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