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New Player Experience

An initiative for improving the initial (first 30 minutes) gameplay experience, which will help players understand the context of the world and introduce them to some of Star Citizen's basic features. This will include updates to landing zones, spaceports, habs, shops, and more.Moved on 2023-06-15ETC 2023-12-15Moved on 2023-04-20ETC 2023-04-11Moved on 2023-03-10ETC 2023-03-27Moved on 2022-11-10ETC 2023-03-10Moved on 2022-10-27ETC 2022-12-31Moved on 2022-09-15ETC 2022-11-18Moved on 2022-08-18ETC 2022-09-23Added on 2022-06-09ETC 2022-11-09
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