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 Mirai Fury wurde hinzugefügt.ETC 2023-04-06 Aciedo Station postponed:ETC 2022-11-24 -> 2021-06-04 (-1 years)Aciedo is a station created by Aciedo CommRelay, a Human corporation that manufactures and maintains interstellar communications equipment. Aegis Redeemer postponed:ETC 2021-11-26 -> 2021-11-12 (-2 weeks)Encompasses all tasks, including design, art, audio, and tech, required for the implementation of the Aegis Redeemer gunship into the PU. Animatable Gunner Helmet postponed:ETC 2022-08-12 -> 2021-09-24 (-11 months)Creating an animated and EVA-capable version of the gunner helmet.  Anvil C8R Pisces postponed:ETC 2022-10-30 -> 2022-09-16 (-1 months)Building, implementing, and balancing Anvil Aerospace's ambulance, the C8R Pisces, as a game-ready vehicle. Anvil Centurion postponed:ETC 2022-06-17 -> 2022-06-03 (-2 weeks)Building, implementing, and balancing Anvil's anti-air ground vehicle, the Centurion, as a game-ready vehicle. Argo RAFT postponed:ETC 2021-11-26 -> 2021-11-12 (-2 weeks)Building, implementing, and balancing Argo's medium hauler, the RAFT, as a game-ready vehicle. Backpacks postponed:ETC 2021-12-31 -> 2021-09-24 (-3 months)Concepting and creating generic backpacks to support physicalized inventory, as well as developing a scalable system for equipping backpacks onto a variety of armors.  Bombs postponed:ETC 2023-02-02 -> 2021-09-17 (-1 years)These systems will allow players in certain ships to drop a variety of powerful bombs over targets in atmosphere. Bug Fixing & Tech Debt postponed:ETC 2023-09-26 -> 2022-11-11 (-11 months)General bug-fixing and optimization for all game features and backend tech.  Cave Archetypes postponed:ETC 2023-04-27 -> 2022-08-12 (-9 months)Expanding the experience of traversing caves by creating more variety and developing new challenges. The setup of the caves will also make them more efficient for use in the creation of future caves. Chapter 01 postponed:ETC 2023-06-20 -> 2023-04-06 (-3 months)Designing, implementing, and iterating on chapter 1 of Squadron 42's single-player campaign.  Chapter 11 postponed:ETC 2023-06-19 -> 2021-04-30 (-2 years)Designing, implementing, and iterating on chapter 11 of Squadron 42's single-player campaign.  Chapter 12 postponed:ETC 2023-07-03 -> 2023-04-06 (-3 months)Designing, implementing, and iterating on chapter 12 of Squadron 42's single-player campaign.  Chapter 14 postponed:ETC 2023-08-01 -> 2023-04-06 (-4 months)Designing, implementing, and iterating on chapter 14 of Squadron 42's single-player campaign.  Character Work postponed:ETC 2023-07-06 -> 2022-12-23 (-6 months)Creation and implementation of various characters in Squadron 42's single-player campaign, including art, animation, and AI behavior. Comm Array Mission Improvements postponed:ETC 2021-12-23 -> 2021-07-30 (-5 months)Several mission improvements and totally new missions set across and around the Comm Arrays, with a specific focus on PvP content. Cooperative Locomotion postponed:ETC 2022-08-04 -> 2021-03-05 (-1 years)This mechanic allows players to grab some larger objects and move them around an environment by either pushing or pulling it. Crusader Hercules Starlifter A2 postponed:ETC 2021-10-15 -> 2021-09-01 (-1 months)Encompasses all tasks, including design, art, audio, and tech, required for the implementation of the Crusader A2 Hercules gunship into the PU. Derelict Spaceships - Points of Interest postponed:ETC 2023-05-25 -> 2022-12-23 (-5 months)Points of interest that will be scattered on planets. They will be derelict spaceships with some type of activity (puzzle, traversal, hostile AI) and some type of reward for resolving said activity. Drake Corsair postponed:ETC 2022-11-11 -> 2022-10-28 (-2 weeks)Building, balancing, and implementing Drake Interplanetary's multi-crew explorer, the Corsair, into the game. Drake Cutter postponed:ETC 2022-11-11 -> 2022-10-28 (-2 weeks)Building, implementing, and balancing Drake Interplanetary's starter ship, the Cutter, as a game-ready vehicle. Drake Mule postponed:ETC 2022-06-17 -> 2022-04-29 (-2 months)Building, implementing, and balancing Drake's cargo vehicle, the Mule, as a game-ready vehicle. Dynamic Events postponed:ETC 2023-01-30 -> 2021-12-17 (-1 years)Continued work on backend tech to support the development of Dynamic Events in Star Citizen's ever expanding universe. Enemy Characters postponed:ETC 2023-05-19 -> 2021-08-27 (-2 years)Encompasses all tasks related to an enemy faction's characters in Squadron 42. Female Player Head postponed:ETC 2022-02-15 -> 2021-09-24 (-5 months)Completing a modeling and texture polish for the female player's head. After this pass on this asset, it will be sent to Tech Animation for a rigging update. Force Reactions postponed:ETC 2021-06-24 -> 2021-02-05 (-5 months)Expanding on the physics based reactions to physical forces. Actors are made to stagger and collide with their environment and experience inertia, regardless of being the pilot. FPS Devices T1 postponed:ETC 2023-04-27 -> 2022-09-30 (-7 months)While throwable and consumable devices already exist within Star Citizen as grenades and MedPens, further work on this system will enable us to more easily create new items with different effects when used. This includes the development of deployable devices, or items that can be carried around as part of a player loadout, equipped and deployed onto a surface. FPS Radar / Scanning postponed:ETC 2022-10-27 -> 2022-09-30 (-4 weeks)Improved signature system, supporting much greater distances, and dampening of signatures by environmental interference and larger signatures. Improved Scanning, driven by the same signature system as the Radar and Ping, available in Ships, ground vehicles, and FPS Freight Elevators postponed:ETC 2023-09-12 -> 2022-12-23 (-9 months)Implementation of systems and content for players to physically load and unload cargo to and from their ships by conveying cargo to and from hangars, landing pads, garages, and docking collars. Frontier Clothing postponed:ETC 2023-06-16 -> 2021-09-24 (-2 years)Generating concepts for frontier-style clothing for players and NPCs. Greycat STV postponed:ETC 2022-10-07 -> 2022-09-02 (-1 months)Building, implementing, and balancing Greycat Industrial's utility ground vehicle, the STV, as a game-ready vehicle. Hacking T0 postponed:ETC 2023-06-06 -> 2021-11-26 (-2 years)All back-end tech tasks related to creating the first pass of the hacking feature that will be used in future location and mission updates. When implemented in-game this feature will be used to access systems and areas that have been previously closed to the player. The hacking process will be represented via a minigame that is displayed on the player's HUD visor. Healing T0 / Actor Status T1 postponed:ETC 2021-12-31 -> 2021-09-03 (-4 months)The improved Player Status System focuses on implementing additional statuses, specifically intoxication and effects from drugs, and the associated functional and visual feedback. This also will allow players to use items with healing properties, such as the MedPen, on other player characters and NPCs. Hospitals T0 postponed:ETC 2021-06-28 -> 2021-06-11 (-2 weeks)Encompasses all tasks, including design, art, audio, and tech required for the implementation of the first hospitals in the persistent universe. Infiltrate/Defend Mission postponed:ETC 2022-07-15 -> 2021-10-22 (-9 months)Underground Facilities are the first place to benefit from the addition of spawn closets which allow us the expansion of the suite of missions that take place there. Missions range from all-out assaults to situations where you may be able to complete objectives without the need to engage in combat at all, and include both lawful and unlawful versions. Loot Generation T0 postponed:ETC 2021-08-17 -> 2021-08-13 (-4 days)Implementing the systems that generate containers throughout the persistent universe (crates/lockers/boxes) that contain dynamically populated, randomized loot. Map and Radar System Rework postponed:ETC 2023-06-19 -> 2022-01-28 (-1 years)An overhaul of the underlying system and associated UI for the Starmap, radar, local area map, and minimap. Master Modes postponed:ETC 2022-09-29 -> 2022-03-15 (-7 months)Implementing new modes to vehicles to manage a their speed, components, and role-specific functions. Mining Gadgets postponed:ETC 2022-01-21 -> 2021-08-13 (-5 months)Mining Gadgets will help to modify the rock and assist the player with mining a Deposit. The player can attach a device physically to a mineable deposit in FPS to modify its stats, making mining either easier and safer, or quicker and riskier. MISC Hull A postponed:ETC 2022-03-18 -> 2022-03-04 (-2 weeks)Encompasses all tasks, including design, art, audio, and tech required for the implementation of the MISC Hull-A cargo hauler in the PU. Miscellaneous Support postponed:ETC 2023-09-07 -> 2022-12-23 (-9 months)Includes general support for other teams, updating existing features, or small tasks that don't necessitate a full entry.  MOAB postponed:ETC 2021-09-03 -> 2021-08-20 (-2 weeks)Designing and creating the 'Mother of all bombs' or MOAB. Includes asset creation, animation, and balancing. mobiGlas Rework postponed:ETC 2023-07-03 -> 2022-03-25 (-1 years)Reworking the mobiGlas system to use Building Blocks, which will also allow for easier development of mobiGlas apps. Mounted Guns postponed:ETC 2021-07-23 -> 2021-02-12 (-5 months)Further expanding the player's arsenal by allowing them to take control of a mounted gun on either a vehicle or the ground. These weapons will offer greater firepower and stability at the cost of mobility. MT Healing Attachment postponed:ETC 2021-07-23 -> 2021-05-21 (-2 months)Designing and creating the multi-tool healing attachment. Includes asset creation, animation, and balancing. New Building Blocks Editor postponed:ETC 2021-09-17 -> 2021-06-18 (-3 months)A new editor for building blocks to increase productivity for UI artists and designers. It will include various tools to make visual layouts, animation, and restyling easier. Origin 400i postponed:ETC 2021-10-15 -> 2021-10-01 (-2 weeks)Building, balancing, and implementing Origin's luxury explorer, the 400i, into the game. Orison V2 postponed:ETC 2021-09-14 -> 2021-09-03 (-2 weeks)Improving Crusader's landing zone with more shops and expanding various services around the city. Outpost Homestead - Independent & Outlaw postponed:ETC 2023-09-11 -> 2021-08-20 (-2 years)A small home for AI to live and shelter. They consist of a central hub and a few optional internal and external modules. They provide the basic necessities to support a small group of people for an indefinite amount of time. Persistent Streaming and Server Meshing postponed:ETC 2023-07-03 -> 2022-02-18 (-1 years)Proprietary Server Meshing and Persistence Technology will allow Star Citizen to scale up it's shared universe across game servers. Eventually this technology will allow thousands of players to co-exist in the verse. Once the first version of this is implemented the number of servers and players will increase over successive versions. Personal Inventory postponed:ETC 2022-07-08 -> 2021-08-20 (-11 months)When implemented, players will physically store weapons, gadgets, consumables, healing items, and more on their person and in vehicles via backpacks, pockets, and containers. This utilizes the new iCache for persistence wherever players travel. Pyro System, Planet, and Mission Setup postponed:ETC 2023-08-29 -> 2022-12-02 (-9 months)Completing the initial foundational work needed to implement the Pyro System into the game. Quantum Travel Experience postponed:ETC 2023-03-17 -> 2022-03-01 (-1 years)Updating Quantum Travel mechanic to move players in a more physically realistic way, and improve the general QT experience, adjusting how spooling/calibrating, interdictions and entering/exiting work. Refinery Overlays postponed:ETC 2021-02-09 -> 2021-02-05 (-4 days)Introducing new non-commercial overlays to the entry areas of refinery stations to add more variety and better suit the theme. Rescue/Transport Mission postponed:ETC 2022-09-23 -> 2022-07-15 (-2 months)Taking advantage of AI follow behaviors to create missions where players transport customers from one location to another, along with prototype missions where player must rescue imperiled clients from dangerous situations and escort them to safety. Rivers and Basins postponed:ETC 2022-03-15 -> 2021-11-26 (-4 months)This tool allows rivers and basins to be further developed and readied for production use, in order to enhance the ecosystems of our planets.  RSI Lynx postponed:ETC 2023-05-11 -> 2023-04-06 (-1 months)Building, implementing, and balancing RSI's planetary rover, the Lynx, as a game-ready vehicle. RSI Scorpius postponed:ETC 2022-06-24 -> 2022-04-29 (-2 months)Building, implementing, and balancing RSI's heavy fighter, the Scorpius, as a flight-ready vehicle. RSI Scorpius Antares postponed:ETC 2022-11-25 -> 2022-11-11 (-2 weeks)Building, implementing, and balancing RSI's EMP and quantum jammer-equipped fighter, the Scorpius Antares, as a game-ready vehicle. Salvage T0 postponed:ETC 2023-02-01 -> 2022-08-19 (-6 months)All back-end tech tasks related to creating the first pass of the salvage feature that will be used in future location and mission updates. Ship to Ship Refueling postponed:ETC 2022-03-29 -> 2022-01-28 (-2 months)Implementing the systems that will allow players flying specific ships to refuel other ship and get paid for it. The player can fill those specific ships' fuel tanks from a station using an updated Rearm, Restock, Refuel interface at Landing Zones and Space Stations. Shops and Patrons postponed:ETC 2022-10-07 -> 2021-09-10 (-1 years)Vastly expand the interactive usables needed for an assortment of shops and patrons. We will be populating dozens of shops with the ‘vendor’ behavior previously seen in the bartender. This will include the Coffee Stand, Pizza bar, Kiosks, and more  Space Stations - Hospital Interior Location postponed:ETC 2021-10-18 -> 2021-09-10 (-1 months)Implementation of working Clinics throughout the ‘verse, where players can be healed, as well as purchase medical supplies and life insurance. Space Whale V1 postponed:ETC 2021-09-23 -> 2021-06-18 (-3 months)The Space Whale is a creature from the gaseous planet Crusader. The Space Whale serves as a mascot for the planet and is depicted frequently in scenery around the planet and landing zone.  SQ42 - Vehicle Support postponed:ETC 2023-09-26 -> 2023-07-06 (-3 months)Polishing and iterating on various vehicles needed for the Squadron 42 single-player campaign. Stanton Asteroids postponed:ETC 2021-02-23 -> 2021-02-16 (-7 days)Creating replacements for the asteroids currently used in the Stanton system using the new organic asset workflow. Surrender postponed:ETC 2021-05-28 -> 2021-03-19 (-2 months)To allow players to be arrested without losing their life, they will be able to surrender by coming to a halt and powering down their ships when ordered to by security. Security will halt their attack and arrest criminal players (and impound the ship if owned by a criminal). Unannounced postponed:ETC 2021-06-11 -> 2021-05-21 (-3 weeks)Unannounced Content Unannounced postponed:ETC 2021-10-15 -> 2021-10-13 (-2 days)Unannounced Content Unannounced postponed:ETC 2021-11-26 -> 2021-11-12 (-2 weeks)Unannounced Content Updates - Broken Moon & Dying Star Maps postponed:ETC 2021-11-15 -> 2021-07-16 (-4 months)Updating the Broken Moon and Dying Star maps by increasing their overall size, adding new playable areas, more cover options, and new space assets.

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 Aopoa San'tok.yāi wurde hinzugefügt.ETC 2023-09-12Building, balancing, and implementing Aopoa's medium fighter, the San'tok.yāi, into the game. Unannounced wurde hinzugefügt.ETC 2023-08-04Unannounced Vehicle Unannounced postponed:ETC 2023-03-18 -> 2023-07-21 (+4 months)Unannounced Vehicle

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